Welcome to Maternity Mama! I’m mama Tanny to Ella, Myles and wife to David. Ella is our first child and Myles is our second. They’ve changed our lives forever and continue to amaze us everyday with the miracle of them being here with us.

I started this blog when Ella was 36 weeks old (approx 8.5 months) and I’ve learned so much about being a mother. At the time when Ella was born, I didn’t have many close friends who could relate to me and what I was going through as a new mum, so this blog was a way for me to release some motherly topics I had. I understand that not everyone wants to hear about baby stuff all the time, so this was also a way to let some of our friends and family know how we were getting on without bombarding them with baby stuff all the time.

The word “mum” has so many meanings, there’s not one definition that can explain what mum means to me.

Before, I was a daughter to my mum. Mum meant someone I could count on to always be there even when I wasn’t the nicest of person. Mum meant someone who knew exactly what I needed/wanted before I knew myself. Mum was the one person who could make me the simplest dish when I’m sick to make me feel a million times better. Still works to this day and I’m in my thirties!

Now, mum has a complete new meaning. To me it means someone who is selfless and caring 24/7. I’ve learned that being a mum is one of the toughest jobs out there with no salary or annual leave. Balancing being a wife and mother has been the most overwhelming experience I’ve ever felt but looking at Ella and Mylse, makes it all worth while and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

It’s true what they say about being a mum, “you don’t know what it’s like until you go through it”. It’s taken my outlook on life to a new level. It’s opened my heart to new feelings that I never thought existed. It’s been the most strenuous, tiring, fulfilling and amazing experience I’ve ever been through. I’m still only at the beginning and I can’t wait to see what our children bring to our life next.

Much respect to all the mothers out there holding it down! You rock mama!

Follow our journey through parenthood as we “wing” it. Learning new things about ourselves as parents, as we go along.