7 Weeks Old

Today Myles is 7 weeks old. In celebration of this, we had a hair cutting ceremony yesterday which is in line with both the Chinese and Thai traditions.

Both traditions are similar as to why we have this done for new babies. In the Chinese culture this is known as the “good luck haircut” and is usually done when the baby is one month old. In the Thai culture this is to bless the new born baby allowing new hair to grow and bring good fortune with it.

The ceremony started off with a Buddhist blessing prayer while having his first piece of hair trimmed off by a monk. This was then followed by a monk and both sets of grandads shearing his hair.

I couldn’t imagine Myles’ cuteness levels going up, but once his hair was off, it revealed a perfectly round head and in all honesty, made him look even cuter than he already is. 😍

Mama T

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