Baby Clothes Clear Out

Since we’ve found out buba2 is a boy (yey), I’ve decided to start clearing out some of E’s old bits we’ve hung on to. Luckily we have a friend who’s just had a baby girl and she was happy to take some bits off our hands, so we know the stuff will be reused with love.

I hate throwing things out so having somewhere for things to go is a big relief for me. There are charity shops/bins but I’d rather know exactly where the stuff is going.

Going through everything bought back quite a few warming memories. Though it wasn’t a long time ago that E was a new born, it still was emotional seeing all her tiny new born bodysuits.

We already have quite a collection for buba2 (neutral colours) that he will be able to wear passed down from his big sis.

I find packing the clothes away in the different baby sizes keeps things organised and I won’t end up over whelming my friend with baby clothes in one go. Her daughter has plenty of 0-3 months clothes, so I kept those aside for another friend who is waiting for her gender scan, in case she has a girl. I passed on E’s 3-6 months clothes this time and will be collecting the rest for my friend as E grows out of them.

If you have some baby clothes you’ve hung on to and need to let go of, check your nearest supermarket for charity clothing bins.

You can also find many children’s clothes charities online that you can arrange to have your stuff collected, or find their local shop to drop things off. Here’s just one example of a charity that collects all kinds of bits based in London. “Little Lives” is a charity that fundraises to the specific needs of children. Click here to check out what they’re about.

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