After Birth Pains (Round 2)

I’m now into my 6th week of my postpartum recovery and I’ve just started to get more after birth pains. Not as painful as the first time I had them in week 1, but enough to make me uncomfortable and in slight pain all day.

I didn’t experience this the first time with Ella so didn’t expect any of this. At first I thought I might’ve eaten something and gotten a dodgy stomach but when I didn’t have a bowel movement, I realised it must be my uterus contracting back again.

I’ve stopped bleeding for a week now and I can only assume these cramps are my uterus shrinking. My 6 week post natal check is due this week and I have a visit from the health visitor later this afternoon so I’ll be checking with them that this is normal.

The pains started yesterday morning and continued for the whole day. I took ibuprofen in the evening when I couldn’t handle the cramps any longer.

This morning I’ve woken up still with the cramps. I’m going to try and wait until after lunch to see how they feel then and if I need to take more pain killers. I’m not a fan of taking too much medication if it’s not necessary, especially while I’m still breastfeeding Myles. (I’m aware they won’t affect his milk, but it’s just a preference of mine.)

Any mama’s have any advice on how they coped with after birth pains?

Mama T

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