Bea’s Of Bloomsbury

Sometimes trying to find time to meet up with my besties for some girl time can be so difficult. Everyone always has so much going on that trying to find one day that everyone is free is so hard to do. A few weeks ago was one of my besties birthday and unfortunately I couldn’t make it to her evening celebration, so we arranged another date to go for some afternoon tea.

Not only did I get to see her, but my other bestie was free too and they both got their time with our little E. I wasn’t going to leave E at home when she could have some time with her aunties.

We went to “Bea’s of Bloomsbury” in Marylebone for some afternoon tea. Parking was easy enough as it was pay & display right outside. The tea room itself was small and cosy and decorated in cute greys, pinks and blues. Really sweet.

When we got there, there were only two other tables seated, but it began to fill up fairly quickly after we’d ordered our afternoon tea. The bestie pre booked and pre ordered to ensure we had a table and in doing so, she had to pay a deposit to keep our booking. It made sense as it was a small tea room, they couldn’t afford to have no shows or last minute cancellations as they do get quite busy. The deposit was refundable at the end of our bill (although we did have to point it out, to have the bill corrected.)

The service was friendly and inviting but some what unorganised. Although the bestie had pre ordered her vegetarian afternoon tea choice, it did take a substantial amount of time before anything was served at our table, including the teas. The staff didn’t know she had pre ordered. It made us think why was it compulsory to pre order the vegetarian option when she booked then? Then we had to point out to have the deposit deducted off the final bill, which really didn’t take up that much time to have the bill corrected, but it was an unnecessary mistake.

Upon serving the classic afternoon tea towers, everything was explained to us of what we were having which was great as there was no guessing involved. The presentation was cute, colourful, classic and also modern all mixed into one.

We had a lovely catch up and even E really enjoyed the scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Mama T’s Rating

Atmosphere 5/5

Location 5/5

Price 4/5

Service 4/5

Taste 3/5

Be back here again? Possibly.

Anyone have any tea room recommendations for afternoon tea that are child friendly?

Mama T

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