Baby Hand Fluff

For most of you who don’t have children, you won’t know what this is. Let me explain a little. Newborn babies always have clenched fists. This is because of a reflex called “Palmer grasp reflex”. By the time they’re 3 months old, they’ll slowly be in control of their movements and will have learnt how to open and close their hands. (They won’t be pros, but they’ll be able to hold your finger soon enough).

While their hands are clenched, they can get a bit smelly and all sorts of “fluff” gets caught in between their fingers. The smell can come from anything like them sucking their hand, milk or even just because their palms aren’t getting any air.

It does get quite hard to keep Myles’ hands clean but when bathing him, sometimes he opens his hands very briefly and I can swoop in and wash them quickly if I’m fast enough. Otherwise I wait until he is relaxed either during breastfeeding or while he’s asleep to open his hand gently and pick out the fluff. When the fluff is out, the smell gets better too.

I know this is a weird topic, but picking out the fluff in between his fingers and creases of his hands is so satisfying. I do get a little shocked at how much fluff there can be though. Especially if he wears the baby grows with the mittens. 😳 Nowadays I let him have his hands out and keep his nails short so he doesn’t scratch himself.

Mama T

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