Baby Proofing

E is now at that stage where she’s curious about everything. She’s walking loads, climbing the stairs and can now climb up onto the sofa. I’ve found her trying to climb up her changing station a few times. She’ll put one of her toy boxes on the floor and tries to use it as a step to climb up. She’s even beginning to raid the cupboards.

We knew this day would come and we knew what to expect but, we didn’t know she was going to be so smart about it. We have a play pen for her which currently is being used to store her nappies and all her changing station supplies. No matter how much I’ve tried to let her play in there while I’m cooking, cleaning or doing laundry, she’s just not a fan. She throws her toys that are in her play pen, out. She either stands inside holding onto the edge crying or tries to climb onto her toys and escape. 

I resulted into letting her be free (with some barriers) keeping her confined so she can’t get to the stairs or kitchen. We have a living room door that can be closed so she can’t reach the stairs. This is a great solution as I’m not the biggest fan of having a baby gate and it’s free! Love a freebie! This keeps her happy but also gives her free reign to pull all her nappies off her changing station, hence the new storage of her nappies is now in her play pen. 

We don’t have any plug sockets that she can reach easily so we didn’t need to worry about baby proofing those. She does like to raid the cupboards though. So I bought baby proofing cupboard straps that keep the doors closed. I stuck the straps on and within seconds, she had already figured out how to undo them! Oh dear… refund please. She hadn’t seen how to undo them from either me or daddy, she just knew. 

The TV is on a cupboard unit which she’s tall enough to reach. She has a fascination of touching the TV stand legs and bottom of the screen.  I think we’ll have to wall mount the TV soon as she seems to find the tv screen very interesting to touch. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

We don’t have any shelves on our walls so other than mounting our TV, I’ll be putting up some shelving too. I put some soft corners on our coffee table to keep those sharp edges hidden since she was still cruising, she would stand there and try to chew the corners LOL. They lasted for quite a while compared to our cupboard door straps, but now…. she’s pulled them all off. No more soft corners. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Any tips on baby proofing? 

Mama T

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