Back Into Shape

For a while now I’ve been really thinking about starting to get back into shape. I was and don’t think I will really ever be into health or fitness as much as I’d like, but I think I can definitely start doing more from now. 

Before I had E, I was in good shape. I used to do Thai dancing once a week which really kept my body toned. During pregnancy and after giving birth, my activity in Thai dancing dropped drastically. I still do Thai dancing, but not as often as I used to.

In my teens I was always quite slim, then in my mid twenties a few curves started to appear which I embraced as a young women. When I hit 30 those bacon sarnies started to stick LOL. Then after having E, I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been and definitely not toned anymore. *cries*

I want to get back to my toned physique so I will be searching for a good work out regime I can do at home. Soon enough I’ll be running around chasing E and the lbs will probably drop, but there’s no harm in doing some extra excerises to tone up.

I literally get bored of working out after 10 minutes so it needs to be something fun. I can admit that I have no discipline or motivation in pushing myself to get fit. I think it and want it but just am not excited about it. I will say though, I actually did really well with my stretches during pregnancy. Never missed a night of doing those 10 minute stretches: But perhaps that’s because it helped relieve some strains I was having in my lower back and I was scared to get leg cramps after I had one horrible episode of them. I need to put myself back into that mind set again. “Doing some simple exercises will relive me of the extra lbs I gained.” I can do this….

Anyone have any suggestions of what workouts I can try that is not going to bore me to death?

Mama T

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