Back To Work I Go


Last week I went back to work part time and boy-oh-boy was that tough. Luckily we have a family business so I can take her with me during the day, but it’s more difficult to do that during the evenings, in fact, I don’t bring her with me in the evenings. Not only was it different for Ella and I as we’ve never been apart for long periods of time since she’s been born, but to make things more difficult, Ella had a viral throat infection too. *smh*

Emotionally, I was trying to keep it together. I didn’t really know what or how to feel. I was happy that I was getting back some time to myself even if it was just going to work, but I was also so SO sad that I wouldn’t have my mini me with me 24/7. Then I felt guilty for feeling a bit happy that I was going back to work. Then came jealousy that while I would be at work, the husband would have her all to himself. So you see, emotional wreck!

I  had a little talk with Ella explaining that mummy was going to go back to work and she wouldn’t see me for a few hours, but that I’d be back to cuddle and kiss her at night (after my evening shifts). I told her that I love her and will miss her every minute I’m away at work. I couldn’t help myself, but that talk bought a tear to my eye. She had no clue what I was saying and just pretty much ignored me whilst chewing her teething toy. *meh* You win some you lose some.

All in all, my first week back to work went smoothly. Ella is feeling much better and she’s even beginning to settle herself to sleep without me. Her sleeping habits is worth its own blog post which I will be posting about soon. I’m sure there are plenty of mama’s who could use some encouragement with the “baby sleep issues”, it’s a never ending question people love to ask about too.

Mama T

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