Big Girl Bed

E is turning 2 in a couple of weeks and the question of getting her her own bed keeps cropping up between the hubby and I. She co-sleeps with us in our bed, but recently it seems she wants to sleep in her own space. She never really slept in her cot as a few health issues had me bed bound when she was newborn, so we got really good at breastfeeding lying down, which eventually she naturally just stayed with us in our bed. M has now taken over her cot which saved us a few hundred in getting him a new one which means we will have to buy E a new bed eventually. 😃

She’s been tossing and turning a lot more in our bed and ending up at the edge of the bed some mornings. Before she would sleep right in the middle and if she woke up and was further away from us, she would crawl back to the middle. Now she seems to keep rolling further away.

M sleeps in his cot next to us and some nights E wants to climb inside his cot and sleep with him. Of course we don’t let her sleep in there with him, only just lay down with him while they’re awake.

Last night she laid down on the floor next to his cot and said that’s where she was going to sleep, or in her words “Ella sleep here.”

We’re thinking to get her her own bed for her 2nd birthday and have it put up next to Ms cot. Whether she sleeps in her bed or not is another story. She loves Peppa Pig and Baby Shark so we’re thinking to decorate her bed with bed linen that’ll make her excited to sleep in her own bed.

As much as we love having her in our bed, I have to admit, it would be nice to gain a little bit of our space back. We always planned that we would transition her into her own bed when we buy our house as she’ll have her room then, but we may need to do this a little sooner than we thought.

We’re not super strict on having her sleep in her own bed forcefully, if she wants to, then we want the option of it being there so she can. We’ve got potty training to think about too so there’s a lot of changes coming up for her, so we’re just hoping to give it a go and see if she takes to it. Eventually she will so I guess whenever she’s ready is fine with us.

Any tips on how to transition her into her own bed?

Mama T

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