Big Girl Knickers

This week we started potty training. Today is day 4 and so far so good. Ella’s had a few accidents but each time she’s  made it closer to the potty.

I read loads of blogs and guidance online about preparing for potty training so that we would be prepared when it was time. We went underwear shopping and got her some new big girl knickers that she was really excited to wear.

My mum advised me to take note of the times she does a wee or poo and everyday to suggest her using the potty at those times. Today was day 4 and she did it. She did her first number2 in the potty. Hoorah!! (No wee’s yet).

We start the day with no nappy and only her cotton knickers on. I suggest to her that she use the potty every hour or so. Sometimes she just sits on the potty with no action, but it’s ok as long as we keep doing it, she will eventually know what she’s suppose to do on it.

By late afternoon we put her nappy back on for her nap and the rest of the evening. Until she can grasp the idea of using her potty properly, we’ll keep her mornings and afternoons nappy free.

I know we’re not fully there yet but, her first successful potty use had to be shared. Who knew I’d ever be so excited about baby poop in a potty! LOL. #MumLife

Mama T


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