Big Girl Walks

Recently we’ve been thinking about if we should buy a double buggy for when buba2 is born. The ones we like seem to be so expensive and look so bulky. You can get ones that have a seat at the bottom and a seat at the top so it’s almost like a bunk buggy. I’m just not sure if I’d want E that low to the ground. I’m sure it’ll be alright, but it’s just so close to the floor.

Then there are ones that have the seats side by side which just look so wide. E is confidently walking around everywhere now so we’re considering not to even get one.

We’ve come to the conclusion that we will decide last minute before buba2 is born. I took E out to run a quick errand down the road and let her walk on the way back, teaching her to hold on to the buggy and my hand. She seemed to listen and understood that she had to keep hold of the buggy or my hand when we would start walking. When we crossed the road, I put her in the buggy just to be safe.

For now she seems very well behaved when it comes to walking alongside the buggy, but who knows how she’ll be when her brother is born. At the moment I let her walk up the stairs of our flat as well as I can’t carry her and my bump at the same time. She walks all the way up holding my hand and anyone who knows my stairs, knows that’s a really big achievement for a toddler. (The stairs literally go round and round all the way up.) We don’t make many trips out and about by ourselves because of the struggle with the stairs at the moment, but when we are out, E loves the freedom and independence of walking.

In an ideal world, she’ll be the perfect toddler who listens to instruction when we’re out and about. (Hahahaha, I can hear the experienced mamas laughing already.) I also thought about, what if she was tired and wanted to just sit in the buggy rather than walk? So many things to consider.

What did you do with two kids?

Mama T

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