Boxing Day Sales

Everyone loves a bargain and Boxing Day sales is my favourite kind of sale! It has always been a day that me and the hubby like to spend browsing the shops, even before we had children.

This year we celebrated Christmas Day at home which gave us the chance to wander around the shops in our local shopping centre. I don’t normally like to hit the shops with the children during busy periods (especially sales) BUT we had plenty of help with my brother, sister in law and nephews who came along too so we took it in turns with watching the children.

We got there at Ella’s nap time which was perfect timing as she just slept the entire time in the buggy, leaving us to it. Myles was carried around in his sling, also sleeping for most of the time and when he did wake up, I had plenty of babysitters to watch him while I shopped.

I like to stock up on the children’s clothes during the sales. I just buy bigger sizes to match the season it’ll be when they’re that age and store it away until it’s time to wear them. They grow out of clothes so fast that when it’s time for new clothes, I feel silly buying them knowing I could’ve been prepared and bought them at 50-80% off of the original price during the sales.

The best bargain I bought were Ella and Myles winter jackets for next year from Gap. Ella’s jacket was £45 > £14.99 > £10! Myles jacket was £25 > £9.99 > £7! If you subscribe with them, you get an EXTRA 30% off ON TOP of their sale price! They also have 40% off everything else!

You can do me one better and save even more by shopping for next years Christmas presents!!! Just don’t forget about them. Have you hit the sales yet? If you can’t make it to the shops, there’s always online. 

Happy shopping everyone x

Mama T

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