Breastfeeding Joke Gone Wrong

I recently saw a post that caused quite a stir about breastfeeding in public. The original post wasn’t even actually about breastfeeding. The caption was so long that people didn’t READ it til the end and assumed it was a diss on breastfeeding just by looking at the visual aspect of the post. (Below is the original caption without the image, just so you READ the full caption.)

I don’t have any issues with breastfeeding in public at all, but so many people still do! Some of the comments I saw from the reaction of people seeing the post put me in shock. I felt they were mean and it really angered me. (They weren’t all negative, some were defending breastfeeding.)

Some negative comments were about how a mother should cover her breasts or be more “decent”. 😳 REALLY?

I breastfeed in public! I did with E and I do now with M. I may pick a more quiet area to do so for my own confidence, and I personally prefer not to show too much boob, but I think it’s no ones place to express their opinion on it the way some people do. Do you know how hot it gets for a baby under a blanket/muslin just for the sake of you not seeing boob. (Like you don’t have any or don’t like them anyway. 😤)

It’s a mother’s right! She’s not getting her “tits” out for fun, she’s feeding her child. If it bothers you that much, why are you looking? You are in control of your eye balls… divert them. I still don’t understand how people can think breastfeeding is “disgusting” or “shameful”??? What world are we living in that a mother feeding her child has to shy away in shame because some idiot can’t handle seeing a bit of skin?

Think about your mother, wife, sisters, aunties! Would you shame them for breastfeeding? I can’t believe how much it bothers people. There is NO EXCUSE to comment on how a mother feeds her child. NO EXCUSE! If you don’t like it, look away and keep your mouth shut! You have no right! If you don’t want to see the beauty in a child being breastfed, maybe you should cover up your face!

(To see the image click here)

Mama T

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