Bye Bye Hair

What a lot of new mums were never told is that, when you reach a certain time after giving birth, your hair falls out. It usually starts around 3 months postpartum but can also be from the 1st month, not everyone is the same. The last few weeks or so, my hair has started to fall out. (I’m 4 months postpartum on the 30th Nov). 

When I had Ella, I had no idea this was even a thing. A friend of mine who has 2 children asked at the time, “has your hair started falling out yet?” I was somewhat confused and just replied “No. Is it suppose to?” That’s when she explained to me that eventually it would. I didn’t know what to expect, but then when it did start falling out, it was like a horror movie of some sort when I washed my hair one day and what felt like half of it was stuck between my fingers and in my bath plug hole!!!

This time, I was more prepared in knowing it was going to happen. It doesn’t hurt and I don’t have bald spots. It’s natural and every mother goes through it. During pregnancy we have an increased amount of oestrogen which freezes our normal hair loss. The drop in oestrogen after giving birth is what causes those extra pieces of hair to fall out.

I find myself with hair EVERYWHERE. Even with the hoovering being done every other day, there’s still just so much hair! 

My hair was getting so long it had reached my waist so the fallen hair was super long and annoying. It was beginning to be so heavy on my head that it started becoming painful when tying my hair up. I finally got it cut to just under shoulder length. Still long enough to tie up, much lighter on my head and a little less annoying when it goes everywhere.

Has your hair started falling out yet?

Mama T

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