Can She Read?

One of the daily activities I do with Ella is reading. Whether it’s one book once, or a few books at a time, I try to sit down with her and just read for as long as her attention will allow. If she doesn’t pay attention to me reading, we’ll just look at the pictures and talk about what colour things are, name what she can see on the pages or count stuff if there’s more than one.

Most of the time she likes to point at the pictures and tell me what it is or pretends to read the book herself. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve read the same book over and over.

Repetition is boring for us but it’s what helps them to learn what things are. We read the same books and we use the same sentences for her everyday speech so now she knows how to start her sentences. (Not quite finish them properly yet, only on a few occasions).

She has one particular book that she loves to read before bedtime. It’s a picture book of “Peppa’s First 100 Words” that has the written words as well.

Over the weekend she read the book with one of our friends and he was gobsmacked with how much she knew. Not only could she find what he was asking her to find on the page, she could answer what colour items were when asked. She could also point to the characters when asked.

I know she can’t read, but it’s the repetition that helps her to remember what things are. She uses it in everyday life too. When she eats tomatoes or apples she knows what they are and tells me what she’s eating, or she’ll point to objects around the house telling me what colour it is.

We’ve always read books to Ella since she was born and to see how much she’s talking now proves that reading from a young age, is helpful.

Mama T

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