Chinese New Year

This year for Chinese New Year, we were blessed to celebrate with a new addition to the family, baby Myles. Most of our family were able to make it down to ours for our traditional family dinner. Even my parents were able to make the celebrations this year, which has been the first time in 12 years since I’ve been with the Mr. We had an absolute feast as usual, cooked by my brother in-law.

We started off the day picking up the last bits we needed for our big family dinner. By late afternoon the gentlemen of the family were led by my father in law to perform their ceremonial prayers to their ancestors. 

After the prayers, we took our nephews for a quick shopping trip at our local shopping centre. As we got back, dinner was nearly ready! We had plenty of catching up to do and excited talks about our travel plans in the coming weeks.

Dinner was a treat!! 😋 Not only was the food delicious, but we got to laugh and giggle too. We even had a surprise birthday cake for myself and brother in-law as our birthdays are later this month. Other than the hubby being poorly today, we had a lovely chilled day with our loved ones.

“Gong hei fat choy” – Wishing you great happiness and prosperity.

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