Chinese New Year

The beginning of Chinese New Year started on Friday 16th February 2018 and usually lasts for 2 weeks. This year is the year of the dog. As you’re all aware now, bubba2 will be born later this year, making his/her Chinese zodiac sign a dog. Some personality qualities they will have is loyalty, honesty and a strong will to not give up.

Chinese New Year is always a special time when everyone gathers together and spends time with each other. Sometimes life gets everyone so busy that we don’t see each other for far too long, so Chinese New year for our family is an event no one can refuse to make time for.

This year, as all years have been, we all gathered at my mother in-laws house. The hubby’s brothers and their families travelled into London to make sure we had the weekend spent together.

We had plenty of food and lots of laughter. We FaceTimed my sister in-law in Hong Kong so she was there too with her family.

It was lovely to see everyone, especially the kids. They’re all so big and grown up now. For them it was a chance to see each other too and their relationships were still the same. This year because the kids are now big grown teenagers, we had to set up a separate table just for them. Before we could all fit round the table, all 15 of us squished in, but they’re all adult sized people now LOL.

It was nice to hear the teenagers table filled with as much laughter and jokes as the adult table. Ella had a tiring and fun filled day with all her cousins who played with her non-stop.

The hubby and I are doing our best in ensuring Ella knows where her heritage comes from and being part Chinese, this is just one tradition we will always teach her to celebrate and show importance to.

Can’t wait for another family gathering in a few months time. Until then “Gone Hei Fat Choy” everyone, may this year bring you luck, good health and plenty of days spent with family enjoying each others company. x

Mama T

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