It’s that time of year again where even though it’s cold outside, inside I feel all cosy and warm. I love spending time with family over the holidays and enjoying all the good stuff that really is bad stuff like; cheese, wine, pate, chocolate, toasted marshmallows, roast dinner, hot choccies etc.

This year has been a busy and exciting year. I started off being a new mum and this website was a way to express how I felt through my journey without talking to people who probably either didn’t understand, or just weren’t that interest. It is a way to release some thoughts I have going on in my head. Having somewhere to write about my trials and tribulations was a good way to release some of my ups and downs through motherhood. “Read if you want” has always been my attitude when posting so I always just wrote as I thought it in my head. I don’t/didn’t expect anyone to read my posts so I’m extremely happy that I’ve been able to reach some people. Whether they love me or hate me, it’s still my story to tell so that won’t stop me. There’s no need to force anyone to be interested in your life. But if you’re interested in mine and I can help you too, that’s the most fulfilling part of doing this.

Along with journey, I found that I enjoyed creating little packages of joy. Why have one item when you can have 5 hehehe.

Order your Christmas gift collection today and make someone smile.

Mama T

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