Christmas Secret

So I’ve been a bit MIA with blogging as I’ve been trying to keep a secret from my sister in law who lives in Hong Kong. I can finally explain what it was we were trying to do without ruining it. Although there were quite a few times the cat got let out the bag, but luckily due to “technological difficulty” we had something to blame the mishaps on and pretended we couldn’t hear her or the signal was cutting out to distract her from what we hoped she didn’t hear.

This year we decided to do a family holiday back to my parents village in Thailand. I haven’t seen my family there for roughly 4 years so as we’re now married and our little E is here, we thought to do a family visit with my parents, brother and nephew too.

On our way over to Thailand, I always like to visit my sister in law and her family who live in Hong Kong. It’s an extra 1-2 hours from London and only 3 hours away from Thailand so it’s always the perfect opportunity to add the extra stop in. We booked our flights in November but didn’t tell her we were visiting Hong Kong. The entire 2 months we pretended my husbands best friend was visiting with his wife and children. This way we were able to make sure she had time off and planned a few touristy things to do, for my parents as they’ve never been before.

The entire time my husbands best friend was in on it. Messaging her about what they wanted to see, but really it was what we suggested for my parents. My sister in law had ordered some bits and asked him to bring them over to HK which we all pretended to have given him the items, but we’d already packed them.

A few times it was accidentally said to her that my husband was going to HK but she never really understood. My mother in law slipped up, my father in law slipped up and even I almost slipped up. But she still never realised what was said. 🤦🏽‍♀️ We just blamed it on poor connection and would hang up from FaceTime before she had the chance to question what was just said.

We eventually told her husband 2 weeks before we flew out to ensure there was enough cabs for us at the airport pick up. If my parents weren’t coming it would’ve been fine to train it into town, but for the convenience of my parents, we thought to make sure the cabs could fit us all in. He was so surprised just from us telling him it was us coming. We wanted to surprise him too, but we also needed to make sure things would go smoothly once we landed.

As soon as we stepped off the plane, the adrenaline kicked in and we all were so hyper about what her reaction would be. It was such a special moment when she saw my husband, it brought her to tears, of joy of course. She couldn’t believe we were there and was truly surprised.

Over the next 5 days we made sure we spent all our time with each other and did all the necessary sight seeing for my parents. We ate loads and laughed loads. When we left the airport to fly to Thailand it was extremely emotional for us all. We had such a good time together that we didn’t want it to end and the next time we’d see each other would be months away.

Thanks to everyone who kept this special surprise. Without you guys we wouldn’t have been able to make it happen. To see the smile on my sister in laws and nephews face was priceless! My parents had an amazing time and my nephew was in “heaven” with all the electronics.

No matter where in the world you are, that family bond and love can never be replaced. Things never change no matter how long it’s been since last seeing each other. We always miss you guys and can’t wait to see you next time. It’s never goodbye, just “see ya later”. x

Mama T

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