Christmas With A Toddler

This Christmas is our first Christmas with a very active toddler. The hubby and I were debating whether to have a real tree again or a fake tree. We both love the smell, look and feel of a real tree, but when the needles start to shed, they can become extremely hard and prickly.

As E is now super active and she likes to explore anything new that is brought home, a real tree could also be a hazard as we know she would want to pull at the tree and ornaments while it’s up. Possibly even eat the dried needles when they fall off. So we thought it was best to opt for the fake tree which also cost more than half the price of a real tree.

Having a fake tree reduces the risk of her cutting/pricking/choking her self on the dried loose needles. It creates less mess and financially, is a lot cheaper and it can be used more than once. We’ve had to put the tree up on our desk so that she can’t reach it, otherwise I can see myself pulling her away from the tree every five minutes lol.

We already have ornaments from last year, so only added some starry bells to make it a little more interesting for E this year. Our tree cost £6.66 from Sainsbury’s (on sale already by the 3rd December) and the bells were £2.50 for a pack of 12. We reused the fairy lights and tree topper star from last year so again saved a little more this year.

Christmas is an expensive time of year and the costs can accumulate without you realising. From presents to decorations, then the main meal spread and not forgetting the booze and snacks, if you’re hosting Christmas, be sure to ask your guests to bring a few bits and bobs to help you out.

We love having the tree up and E got really stuck in this year handing me ornaments to hang. She even helped daddy put the tree topper on. Now we have somewhere to put all her presents. I’m really looking forward to future Christmases where we can decorate the tree together. 💗

How has your Christmas preparations been so far? Did you opt for a real or fake tree?

Mama T

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