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During my first pregnancy I was really surprised that there wasn’t much maternity wear that I liked. The choices that were available at the time, weren’t really my kind of style. Then when E was born, trying to find decent nursing tops that suited MY style was almost non existent again. I’m not saying I’m a fashionista, but I’m not really into the “mumsy” look either.

I made do with larger sized tshirts, beach cover ups and basic tshirts/tops during pregnancy. When I gave birth, I was in an amazing position that I was able to breastfeed my little girl. I often found myself wearing vests/cami’s under every top just so that my midriff wasn’t on show whenever I breastfed E in public. It became a bit of a hassle every time stretching down my vest/cami and pulling up my outer top at the same time.

The nursing tops that I did like, quickly got destroyed as I wore them so often. Because I had moaned about maternity clothes since my pregnancy, the hubby couldn’t take it anymore and encouraged me to design my own. Having now been experienced with pregnancy and nursing, I gave it a really long thought and decided to go for it. I’m sure there is another mama out there who finds the same things frustrating, as I did. Without his encouragement (and investment) I wouldn’t have been able to create my “Mama Love Maternity Tshirt”.

I came up with the design and functionality of it from my own experience. I wanted to use a material that was comfortable and easy to grow in throughout the different stages of pregnancy and not get ruined so quickly if worn often. I made sure the length was long enough for us ladies to be able to wear it with leggings and not worry about a certain “toe” showing. Although I have always said “leggings are not trouser”, in the case of pregnancy, you can’t deny a pregnant woman the comfort that leggings bring. The T-shirt is long enough to sleep in as a night dress if you want to wear it for convenient nursing at night too. Made from 95% cotton and 5% viscose, making it the perfect amount of softness on the skin and the right amount of stretch for the ever growing baby bump.

I found that nursing tops that had the wrap function always ended up creased after I nursed E. I also felt the spacing to nurse, was quite small and often ended up being a little wet which was a little embarrassing when out and about.

With my “Mama Love Maternity Tshirt”, I created hidden zipped panels that give enough room to nurse without exposing too much flesh. The zips easily glide open, so there’s no struggle at the end of nursing to quickly put your “milk machine” away while trying not to drop your baby at the same time.

A lot of thought and trials went into the final design of my maternity Tshirt. Functionality and comfort were my main focuses. The style just naturally progressed to what I liked. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I went for it anyway. A mothers love will always be number 1 and no matter how you look at it, my maternity Tshirt totally represents that inner baseball mama rooting for their kid! 😉

This time round for my 2nd pregnancy, I’ve now started living in my maternity tshirt as my baby bump is almost double the size of my first pregnancy and I just don’t want to wear anything but leggings. I’m happy to report that buba2 is growing perfectly and is super active all day long. He loves when his big sis falls asleep cuddling him and sometimes he teases her and kicks her in the back when she’s sitting on mummy’s lap. 💙

So what are you waiting for? Expecting? Nursing? Get your “Mama Love Maternity Tshirt” here today! It also makes the perfect gift for any mother. Need something a little extra? Get in touch and I can arrange a gift collection to include my “Mama Love Maternity Tshirt” for that special congratulatory moment.

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