This week E has really stepped up her game and started cruising loads. She holds onto anything that won’t make her fall and walks around the room. From chairs to the sofa to the wall. That is now how she’s decided to move around.

The thing is, she can walk. She’s already taken a few steps without help but she’s not 100% sure she can do more than the few steps she’s already done.

Daddy and I get so excited to see her take her steps, like anyone would. We are her biggest cheerleaders. She took her first 2 steps while we were out shopping on Thursday last week. Luckily both of us were there to witness her first steps. It was so cute. I was holding her hands letting her walk around and decided to let go of her hands as she stepped towards daddy, who was standing in front of her, calling her to walk over.

She was so proud of herself that she did it. She was clapping her hands and had the biggest smile on her face. Of course the hubby and I were both beaming with pride too. She’s so cute when she does her wobbly walk. She almost runs with excitement with both hands in the air. Super duper cute!

Mama T

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