Dedicated To My Children

You may have seen on my insta and Facebook that baby Myles arrived safe and sound on Monday night. It’s now precisely 4:51am on Tuesday morning (as I write this) and I’m laying here thinking about the miracle that has just happened. The birth of our baby boy. 💙 I’ve been tossing and turning for hours trying to get some shut eye, but all I can do is think of our beautiful expanding family and how far the hubby and I have come. From the very beginning of our relationship 12 years ago, clubbing and raving it up to now being parents to two gorgeous children. It’s a fairytale that couldn’t have been written any better.

I miss my little chicken E who’s at home with her aunties and cousins tonight as her little brother was born. We FaceTimed her when M arrived this evening at 11:11pm 30/07/18. She knew mummy had just been through an ordeal of some sort and she almost cried when she saw us on the phone. (She cried during a routine check up at one of our antenatal appointments, she thought the midwife was hurting mummy, but she was just listening to M’s heart beat. Glad to know my daughter understands about compassion at such a young age.)

I just wanted to tell my children,

“Mummy and daddy love you both so much words will never be able to explain how much. Mummy is so proud of herself for bringing two miracles into this world and both mummy and daddy are so blessed that you both picked us to be your parents. We want nothing but the best for you both and to give you all the love, support and dedication you both deserve. We wish you both a positive life with all the success in the world. For mummy, I’ve achieved my greatest success in life, having you both. I will never be able to explain entirely how much you both make mummy’s life complete with daddy. My purpose of being here on this earth is to care for you, love you, teach you and always protect you. There is no meaning to life if I didn’t have you all. I promise to love and cherish my babies and husband always and forever. x”

Mama T


  1. I love reading your mama blogs they are so inspiring and heart warming on learnimg about your motherhood experiences.

    • Thank you Rosalind. It’s so nice to hear that someone finds my blog interesting. 🙂

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