Ella’s Birthday

Today Ella turns 2 and we started off her birthday celebrations with an overnight stay in Portsmouth in Friday night. We left London late morning and headed straight to Gun Wharf Quays outlet in Portsmouth.

The outlet was a 20 minute drive from our hotel which was a nice short drive after a day of shopping. After we checked in, we got the kiddos changed and ready for a swim in the hotel pool. Ella doesn’t know how to swim, but she really enjoys splashing around. It was Myles’ first time in a pool and he seemed to enjoy it too.

After breakfast at the hotel we drove 20 minutes to Paultons Park which is home to Peppa Pig World. We arrived around midday and the car park was quite full already. There were loads of families unloading and we could already see how many buggies there were going to be in the theme park. I love how when we parked up, the cars that followed in after us all left a space between each car. Parents… we just know about the space we all need unloading kids. 👍🏽

We spent around 4 hours in Peppa Pig World. We didn’t explore the other parts of the park as we wanted Ella to enjoy her time with Peppa. She absolutely loved it. The tickets weren’t that expensive either so we plan to visit there again when she’s a bit older and can enjoy the rest of the theme park.

The park was full with families with young children and buggies parked up EVERYWHERE. The queue time for the rides was quite long but it was understandable as it was a weekend with the sun shining making it an extra busy day. Trying to keep a toddler entertained for 40 minutes in a queue was quite difficult especially when all she wanted to do was run off. Thankfully all the parents were in the same boat so we felt quite comfortable when Ella did have a little boredom tantrum. We didn’t feel any pressure or judgement trying to calm her down. Everyone’s toddler was the same 30 minutes into the queuing time. 😳

Ella played some of the games winning herself 2 teddy’s. Daddy won her another 2 teddy’s so our car was full of Peppa Pig teddy’s on our journey home. We headed back to London after Peppa Pig World with both Ella and Myles asleep the entire journey. She definitely had lots of fun.

On Sunday, we had a Buddhist blessing ceremony to celebrate Ella’s birthday and included a hair cutting ceremony for Myles.

Today for her actual birthday we had a chilled day shopping for an hour in the afternoon. When we came home her auntie cooked for hours preparing a scrumptious birthday dinner. Daddy came home after work and Ella got to open more presents. She’s been into jumping on the bed lately so we both agreed a trampoline would be a fitting present for her. (Since opening her present, she hasn’t stopped jumping!!) We got her a few other small bits like books and a night light too, but the trampoline has to be her favourite of her presents from us.

To think that 3 years ago we had just gotten married and now we’re sitting here with 2 kids. One of which is now 2 years old! We couldn’t have imagined our life to turn out the way it has and we are grateful for having these 2 wonderful years with our darling daughter. As much as I look forward to her future, I just want her to slow down and stay small forever. I dread the day she’s old enough to move out! I have quite a few years to go, but I’ll never be ready!

Happy birthday Ella, mummy and daddy love you forever our sweet girl. x

Mama T

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