End Of Summer Already?

23rd September is the official last day of Summer in the UK, but why does it feel like it’s already done?

I love my hometown London, but I hate the British weather. I wish we had more sunny days. Sunny days just lifts everyone’s mood. I’m always in a happy mood waking up to the glorious sunshine.

There are only 18 summers in childhood. If you think of it that way, you realise how much time you shouldn’t waste making memories with them. 2 summers have now gone with E which means we only have another 16 left. 😫 I surely am not ready, even with 16 more to go…. lol

Thinking about our summer this year, we had a blast. Being heavily pregnant for most of it, we still had a really good summer.

My sister in law was over from Hong Kong which was lovely. We were able to spend time with her and she even got to meet M when he was born. E got to explore the science museum for the first time which she loved. Although she doesn’t know how to swim yet, she now really enjoys going swimming. We made a short visit up to Tattershall Lake and visited the farm there which was an excellent family day out. E had her fair share of ice cream this summer too.

This summer she started to sing so many nursery rhymes and her vocabulary and speech has developed massively. One main event of summer 2018 is the birth of M which is still so surreal he’s here. 😍 A few days after he was born, we drove up to Camber Sands Beach to take full advantage of the British heat wave and to get some fresh sea breaks air.

Another main event this summer is that E will be turning 2 just before it’s officially over!!! We’ve planned to take her to Peppa Pig world and planned a joint family celebration day with a Buddhist blessing ceremony for her birthday and M’s birth.

Summer 2018 is definitely one we won’t forget.

Mama T

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