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Just recently, I’ve had friends who have just had a baby or have just announced their pregnancy. Now being a mama myself, I really wanted to get a congratulations gift that would be useful.

I remember when E was first born and the floods of gifts and cards were endless and so so sweet from our friends and family. Some gifts were more useful than others, but we tried to use everything we were given and appreciated the thought regardless.

I know it’s all about the baby once they’re born, but what about mama? All that she’s been through the past 9 months growing a tiny human and pushing for x amount of hours before the little one is born must deserve a little something too.

I was very lucky that my husband gave me a “push” present a week or so after E was born. It really picked me up and showed how much he appreciated what I’d just been through. It was sweet, thoughtful and made me smile. It was tough in the beginning being new parents and learning what our baby needed as well as our own needs, that a surprise just for me was so helpful in keeping my spirits up.

I wanted that special feeling I felt for my friend and her family too. She and her husband have a daughter who was now a big sister to her new baby brother. Welcoming their new baby boy wasn’t just about congratulating the parents, for me, it was also about reminding their daughter that although she has a new baby brother, she too is still just as special and not forgotten.

As a mother, we make sacrifices to our bodies to grow these miracles inside of us and it becomes all about us for so long that sometimes daddy’s get lost in the background. When I asked my husband how he felt about it all being about me until E was born, his response was pretty much as if he didn’t even think about it until I asked. LOL! In fact, most fathers I know have preferred the attention be put on mothers anyway and just happy to be support for them. But wouldn’t it be nice to show dads a little appreciation too? They do deal with the moods swings after all.  I owe my husband so many medals for all the mood swings he’s had to deal with from me. 😬

I decided to create a family gift collection that had something in there for all the family to enjoy. I thought about what would I have wanted as a congratulations gift and what my husband would’ve needed too as a new father. If E was to become a big sister one day, how would she have been reminded of how special she still was too. After all, a new baby is an addition to an existing family so we should celebrate all members of the family showing we’re thinking about them all.

The family gift collection included;

For baby

  1. Cotton pads – soft on the sensitive areas
  2. Nappy bags – perfect when out and about
  3. All in one baby wash – because he doesn’t need a separate shampoo, conditioner and body wash yet
  4. Baby oil – to keep his skin soft and moisturised
  5. Baby grooming kit – to keep him handsome at all times
  6. Sensitive baby wipes – not necessarily for his bottom, but incase he needs a quick wipe else where
  7. Super soft wash cloths – to keep his sensitive skin clean during bath time

For mama

  1. Mug and hot chocolate – for when she’s ready to have some down time
  2. Vanilla scented candle – to keep the mood calm and relaxed
  3. Foot pack – for when she puts her feet up with her hot chocolate

For papa

  1. Caffeine & Glucose tablets – because men are simple and I’m sure he needs it

For big sis

  1. Hair bands – to keep her hair neat and tidy when she plays with her brother
  2. Sparkly necklace & princess ring – because every little girl should have her own jewellery
  3. Flashing bouncy ball – for when her brother is sleeping and she wants to play
  4. Peppa pig surprise egg – who doesn’t love surprises?

What do you think of my family gift collection? Do you have any item suggestions that you think would’ve been useful to include?

If you would like to purchase a family gift collection, get in contact and let me know how many family members you’d like included. Enquire now.

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