Family Time

The hubby works long days and most days he’s not back until quite late in the evening which sometimes leaves us with very little day light to do anything as a family.

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve missed out on the day as we haven’t been able to leave the house other than to play for 10 minutes on our door step before Myles wants a feed. (Still not ready to do anything on my own with both kids!)

We’ve both been trying to suggest things to do when the hubby gets home from work, but they’ve been failing recently as either Ella falls asleep in the car waiting to leave before we’ve even set off or it just gets too late to do anything.

I know I can’t rush the hubby to get home early as it’s his job, but I think we need to stop trying to make plans for when the hubby does get home from work.

I try to spend time outside in my mums garden as much as I can on the weekends with the kids while the weather is still a little decent. That’s the longest time we get to be outdoors without worrying about cars or me not being able to keep up with Ella with Myles strapped to me.

Some evenings we’ve started taking Ella for an evening stroll to the supermarket as a bit of family time. We leave Myles at home with my in laws so that we dedicate that time just for Ella. She loves it! She helps put the groceries in the trolley and loves scanning at the self check out. To get her to walk more, we bought her a toy pram which she pushes around the store. This also tires her out for bed when we get home. 🙌🏽

We’re 2 years into our 5 year plan and everything we do now will pay off. I get so worried that our evenings that consist of bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed together is “boring”, but in actual fact, they love it. I need to put my focus back on our bigger prize at the end of this short term routine. Ella loves her bath time and going to bed with both mummy and daddy. If that’s enough to make her happy, that’s enough to make me happy too.

It may sound unexciting for some, but seeing her face when she can call on mummy and daddy at the same time is the cutest thing. Even Myles enjoys his bath time. He’s always so relaxed in the bath.

Putting too much effort into trying to “do something” different/exciting/new has made me almost ruin the time we do have together by getting frustrated/upset that our plans failed. I seem to have put in my head that our evening routine of getting the kids ready for bed together is no fun for them. I don’t know where I got this idea from because it seems to be the most fun for Ella when mummy and daddy are together with her and Myles.

I’ve got to stay positive and remember to appreciate the smaller things in life. Those 2-3 hours we have together as a family no matter what we’re doing, makes the day time struggles and big prize at the end worth it!

Mama T

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