Family Weekender

This past weekend the hubby organised a big family weekend break to celebrate his and E’s birthdays. We have a very big family from grandparents to in-laws to besties to family friends that have been part of the family for over 10 years.

We stayed at a holiday park in New Forest where we rented lodges and camping pods for a few nights. Everyone had their own beds and there were plenty of showers to not fight over. The lodges came equipped with a fully functional kitchen with a stove, grill, oven, microwave and fridge.

On our first night we’d all arrived roughly at the same time. All the kids had school/college so we were checked in and settled by 8/9pm. At this point the hunger had kicked in from the long drive so off we went venturing for food. We found a small Tesco express where we were able to pick up some bits for breakie but there wasn’t enough to make dinner for 20 people, plus it was now nearing 10pm! We settled for a simple kebab and swore to each other we’d have a full on BBQ dinner the following night to compensate. LOL.

The next day we started with a lovely swim in the parks indoor pool then headed off for a family day cycling around the area. It was the most fun and magical bike ride any of us had been on. Wild horses were everywhere, greeting us along our route appearing through the trees.  We rode for approximately 1hr 30mins with a few stops and small accidents along the way. I raise my hand to being involved in one of the accidents. 😬 I couldn’t believe at 32 I’d experience falling off a bicycle for the first time, 🤦🏽‍♀️ luckily I got away with a school girl elbow graze and an extremely large bruise on my thigh. No broken bones! But still rather achy for the next few days.

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That evening we had a huge BBQ dinner. It was lovely to be able to spend time together (all 20 of us) cooking, eating and drinking. The kids enjoyed themselves too. We had so much food that we had enough to feed us all again for lunch the next day. 🙌🏽

Our final day was spent at New Forest Aqua Park. OMG this was so much fun. Excellent activity for everyone. It’s an inflatable obstacle course on water. I did this at my Hen do in Marbella 2015. It was fun then with my girlies and it was fun this time with family. E unfortunately wasn’t involved. She was enjoying the beautiful lake view with her grandparents while we all played for an hour.

We had such a good time we didn’t want it to end. There was no drama, just laughs, loads of new memories and some serious quality time spent with family. E also started walking on her own properly this week. She’s been cruising for almost a month so it was so lovely that she wanted to show off while all her aunties, uncles and cousins were all around.

I didn’t have much phone service and wifi was only available in some parts of the holiday park that I didn’t even bother to connect. It kept me off my phone (except when taking pics) so it was a nice change.

We talked over food and joked and laughed during activities. It was indeed one of my favourite family holidays. So good that we’ve all decided to make it a yearly event.

Anyone have any good ideas for a family holiday?

Mama T

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