From Our Bed, To Hers

We love having E sleep with us in our bed at night but she tosses and turns throughout the night that sometimes daddy ends up on the edge of the bed. Sometimes I’d wake during the night and see him clinging on for dear life at the edge of the bed, sleeping on his side with a tiny patch of the covers on his knees to ensure E doesn’t end up under the covers. I can’t help but laugh sometimes. I think it’s the sweetest thing and just shows how much he’d sacrifice for his princess. Surely he can’t be comfortable, or warm for that matter LOL. I always have to sort E’s sleeping position out before reeling the husband back into bed. He’s never complained about it either.

I’ve seen posts showing co-sleeping hacks where cots are attached to the side of the bed for more room so I decided to try it out and, let me tell you… OMG…. it is the best thing EVER! She’s been happily sleeping there for almost a month now, which has been brilliant.


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I removed one side of her cot and pulled the cot right up to our bed. Sorted out the gap in between, tied her cot to our bed so it won’t move and voila! Daddy and I haven’t had to sleep on the edge of the bed anymore. E is happy sleeping in her extended part of the bed right next to me and daddy gets to sleep like normal again. It also gets her a bit more used to/comfortable in her cot space. Eventually we will be putting her cot back to normal and fingers crossed she’ll actually sleep in it. But for now while she still wakes for milk at night, this cot hack has been a gift sent from up above.

During the night when she wakes for a feed, I’m right there and she’s off right back to sleep after a quick nurse laying down. Not much interruptions to daddy’s sleep either. It’s brilliant! We have our space back, she’s still right next to me and I haven’t had to shell out £100+ for a co-sleeper either (some are only suitable for babies up to 6 months old too).

Next step I’m hoping to accomplish is that blessing of her sleeping through the night. She’s nearly one and still wakes for milk. I’m beginning to think it’s more comfort than milk that she’s after. Ahhh well, it doesn’t last forever so I’ll take it while it lasts.

Anyone else had a go at the cot hack? Let me know if it worked out for you.

Mama T

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