It’s My Birthday

Today’s my birthday… Whoo hooo! Funnily enough turning 33 doesn’t feel like a big deal. I don’t really want to do anything major, just a low key dinner with some friends and my family is all I want.

The hubby asked what I’d like for my bday present and I honestly am just happy for him to pay for my dinner (which didn’t need to be said, as he always does like the gentleman he is).

It’s been a bit hectic at work being short staffed, but I was lucky to have someone cover me so I could have my birthday off. I’m super excited for the place I’ve chosen to go to, as it’s actually one of my friends restaurant. She’s just opened a few months ago and of course how could I not support her.

I’ll be sure to post a review of the entire night in my next post.

For now… go ahead and sing me my happy birthday song. And thanks 😘

Mama T

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