Kampai Japanese Sushi Bar

I had an amazing birthday at “Kampai Japanese Sushi Bar” in Highgate. I booked a table for 15 people and as it’s quite a small place that focuses more on take away, we basically had a private party.

I pre ordered some food so that the service would be easier for them and there was no wasting time with everyone trying to decide what to eat. I pretty much knew what each of my guests liked/disliked so pre ordering was quite easy. Luckily everyone was easy eaters and would try everything.

We were extremely lucky in having my friends dad prepare the sashimi and sushi for us. He’s normally there one day a week and we caught him on the day he was in. I don’t eat raw fish (even if I weren’t preggers) but I made sure everyone else who did, got a variety. I just asked them to prepare whatever they thought was best and enough to feed everyone who did eat sashimi.

Here’s what I pre ordered.

1. Chicken Katsu curry

2. Tori Kara (Japanese seasoned crispy chicken)

3. Ebi nigiri

4. Spider roll (soft shell crab)

5. California roll

6. Hiyashi wakame (seaweed salad with edamame beans)

7. Nasu dengaku (aubergine)

8. kimchi

9. Spicy geso (deep fried squid)

10. Takoyali (deep fried octopus dough balls)

11. Ebi tempura (prawns)

12. Sashimi

13. Unagi avocado roll

14. Gyu don

Everything was delicious! That’s not a biased exaggeration either. Needless to say, everyone else who had never been before agreed and were already making plans to come back before they’d even got half way through the meal LOL.

I’m so happy and extremely proud of my friend for having such big dreams and creating this little slice of Japan in London. It’s a family business and the service really showcased that. Charming.

Clearly it won’t be my last time back. Now to find the time for my next visit. We were so into the food that we didn’t take any pics so you guys will just have to visit their website and see them there for yourselves. “Kampai Japanese Sushi Bar

Mama T’s Rating

Atmosphere 5/5

Location 4/5

Price 5/5

Service 5/5

Taste 5/5

Be back here again? Definitely

Mama T

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