So I haven’t posted anything in what seems like forever and I just wanted to let you know, we are all doing fine.

I’ve been back to work now and loads of changes happening there as well as in my personal life so blogging has had to take a back seat.

Ella has settled at nursery for two afternoons a week and is now potty trained!!! Sorry I missed telling you all about our experience.  But one day she literally just wanted to use the “big toilet”. I asked her every morning if she needed the big toilet when she woke up and most mornings she did. Then eventually, she just started using the big toilet in the afternoon then it was every time. She’s now in underwear all day. She wakes up with a dry nappy so tonight, we are trying no nappy! (Wish me luck!)

Myles has been walking since around 10.5 months old. His first birthday is around the corner already and I can’t believe how quick it’s gone. This boy can eat!! Anything you feed him, he will eat! When it comes to his favourite food that he doesn’t say no to, he is his father’s son! Another little rice bucket!

We’ve proudly just bought our first family home and are busy trying to refurbish the place and put our stamp on it. It’s a gorgeous well lived in home and we can’t wait to get our family moved in so we can make our own memories there.

If you want to keep up to date with us, follow my Instagram account as I’m more active there than I am here nowadays.

See ya x

Mama T

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