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Just over a year ago I had an idea and that idea became a reality with the encouragement of my better half, the hubby. I was a first time mum learning to breastfeed. I had an awesome pregnancy and when my little baby girl was born, I was blessed with being able to breastfeed her.

In the beginning it was hard. Sleepless nights and painful nipples. But when I got to the point I was confident and comfortable breastfeeding her, I had a new challenge on my hands. Breastfeeding in public!

I found it so intimidating having to shuffle and struggle to get my breast out and my baby on without having my breast exposed too long. (I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding in public whatsoever, I personally just don’t like people to see my bare breast.)

I used to complain to the hubby all the time;

“Ahhh man, I can’t see”

“Dammit my tops wet now”

“I can’t get enough boob out for her to latch on”

So many complaints the list was endless. Eventually I think the hubby had enough and blurted out “why don’t you just design your own?” 💡

So that was that…. I did! I wanted to design something that would’ve been comfortable to wear during pregnancy too as as I recall, leggings were my go to piece for comfort. But I always struggled to find something long enough to cover my bottom and stretchy enough to last my whole pregnancy. Then when I had Ella, I didn’t want to spend more on a new wardrobe so I prioritised the design to be something that could be worn after birth too. The zips had to be easy to use and wide enough to get enough breast out for a comfortable latch.

Now that I’ve had Myles, I still wear my Mama Love Maternity Tshirt regularly. Especially on the days we’re out and about knowing we’re out long enough he’ll need a feed.

I hope it brings as much ease to other mums as I intended it to do. Grab yours here

Mama T

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