Mum Bum

It’s taken me a while to get used to my body after having my children and if I’m honest, I’m still not used to these extra curves and lumps and bumps. 

To some people, it may look/sound ridiculous but for me, being used to having an athletically toned body from Thai dancing being part of my life for 20+ years, having gained 7kg in total since having both children is a big change for me.

I decided that today was going to be the start of my journey to becoming a healthier mama. I’m not the greatest at sports that require stamina so was quite hesitant to try spin class. All I’ve ever known was dance. I don’t do gym and I don’t do workout classes. I danced for 6 hours every Sunday for almost 15 years and that was my workout. The hubby encouraged me to give spin a go at least once, he booked us in and that was that, so we did it.

Today I did my first spin class at “Psycle” in Clapham led by Vinny and girl got me hooked!!! She was such an inspiration and really pushed me to go for more. “Everyone is on their own journey, no judgment in here, go at your own pace.” Were just some of the words she encouraged us all with. The hubby was there right next to me encouraging me all the way and kept me going.

I did slow down for some parts of her class as I haven’t done any form of working out in 3 years but, I am determined to get to a point where I’m not sitting down for ANY of the class. I left feeling good and energised. I was pumped!

As much as I miss my post-babies bod, I’m on my own journey to embrace my new mum bod. My heart was pumping fast and I could feel every breath opening my chest up. Picturing myself playing with the children and not feeling so out of breath kept me pushing to get to the finish line. I just kept thinking “you’ve pushed two out… you can do this!” 😂

So here’s to the cellulite that loves to hang out on my bum and my double chin that thinks it’s cool to keep showing itself… F U… I’m gona get you!

“Don’t be so serious, have a bit of bloody fun!” – Vinny

Mama T

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