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This week has been a busy week and we’re only at the end of Wednesday. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Even though I’m back to work part time, it feels like my “work” is never ending. How have we reached Thursday already? I still have so much to do.

This is what I had planned for this week.

Monday – visit my parents at work in the afternoon then back again to work in the evening.

Tuesday – speed awareness course in the afternoon then work in the evening.

Wednesday – work in the afternoon then family time in the evening.

Thursday – work in the afternoon and work in the evening. (Double shifts are not fun!)

Friday – work in the afternoon and family time in the evening.

Saturday – chilling with E in the afternoon then hen do in the evening. (Rather excited about the hen do. It’ll be my first night out in a VERY long time.)

Sunday – family day!

My week seemed pretty simple but when you actually put in all the other bits, it’s been a little more like this so far.

Monday – rushed to visit my parents as E decided to have a lie in, not eat breakfast and poo right just as we were about to leave. I then rushed back home as my mother-in-law was by herself waiting for me and E. Rushed off back to work again for my evening shift.

Tuesday – kissed my bubs goodbye for the day as my speed awareness course wouldn’t give me any time to come home before having to go back to work for the evening. The course ended up finishing a little early so I was able to get back home and spend 30 minutes with E before having to leave again for work.

Wednesday – went to work in the afternoon with E. We had a nice stroll back in the sunshine before having to sort the house out. Cleaning and laundry. After finishing the house work, I had to buckle down and sort out some paper work for…. work. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Husband came home, we cooked dinner then I was back to working at home all evening. Eventually now blogging about it hahaha. So much for family time in the evening.

I can’t see that the next few days are going to be less hectic. Being a mum, wife and working for a family business is way more hectic than I could imagine. Not quite sure how my parents did it to be honest. Hats off to them. I’ve only just been back to part time work for a month and already finding it tiring to get through some days. But, we do what we have to do and just get it done!

What has your week been like?

Mama T

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