My New Found Curves

I’m a new mum so for me, I’m still trying to get used to my new found curves and realising that PJs all day is no longer required LOL.. I gave birth naturally to my daughter so my hips have found their way outwards and have never returned to their original place (I hear they never will either). From my late teens to pre-pregnancy I have always worn UK size 8 clothes, so adjusting to now being a UK size 10  was a bit of a struggle to accept in the beginning. I know I sound absolutely ridiculous as it’s only one size up, but it is what it is and it’s my personal journey.

Not being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes meant I had a lot of clearing out to do and to be honest, it was an emotional rollercoaster going through everything. It was confirmation that I was getting rid of my old life before E but also, so many fun memories came flooding back. It’s funny how items of clothing can be a big part of your life. They hold so many memories like where you wore it or what occasion you wore it for. I experienced pretty much everything that I wanted to before becoming a mum that making space for new clothes, was a nice way to start my journey creating new memories as a mother.

I donated plenty of clothes to charity shops and friends who could get some use out of some items. I’ve still held on to a few pieces in the hopes that I can squeeze myself back into them (not looking likely any time soon though). Every inch of my body has changed since giving birth. My curves are now curvier and even my bust is bustier. It can only mean one thing… SHOPPING!! 😂

10 months after giving birth, I’ve finally been able to accept that this new body of mine is here to stay and it’s just one validation of my achievement of becoming a mother. I’ve started to buy new clothes to fit my new shape and it’s really given me the confidence boost to try new styles and get my stylish mama mojo back on track. I realise there are some things that aren’t suitable for me any more, but that isn’t going to stop me from getting back to dressing up/down like how I used to.

I’ve always been the tshirt and jeans kinda person and I don’t think that will change. I’m not going to change my style to be more “mumsy” because what is “mumsy” style really? Just because I have E, doesn’t mean I have to dress only for practicality. She’s getting older now so that PJ’s all day look is no longer an issue. We can now have our days out without me having to worry about the conveniece of nursing her every 3/4 hours too.

Has your style changed since becoming a mother?

Mama T

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