No Milk (Part 2)

This one is really an update on how E’s getting on with no more comfort sucking from mummy. From my previous post “My Big Secret” you’ll understand why we had to go cold turkey with E stopping breastfeeding when we were in Hong Kong.

We found out we were having another baby just before Christmas and I was advised by my doctor that I should try to stop breastfeeding sooner rather than later, as all the nutrients now needed to go to bubba2 and E was old enough to fully switch to cows milk. I mean, it made total sense so when we did our trip to Hong Kong over Christmas, it was the only convenient time we had that we could do it.

Although those three days it took were torturous, it was worth it. She’s now fully on cows milk. A cup in the morning, a cup before bed and a quarter “IF” she wakes during the night. She has some days where she now sleeps through the night!!! HOORAH! And still some days she wakes up for some cuddles, or simple patting on her back and she’s right back off to sleep.

Although sometimes she still does pull at my top or puts her hands down my top, I’ve had to be really strong in not giving in. I do miss our breastfeeding times together and sometimes I just think, “shall her just put her on my boob?” but I know we couldn’t continue breastfeeding for much longer. I mean how could I physically keep breastfeeding her when my tummy would eventually be humungous? Not to mention my fatigue and motion sickness I had in my first trimester this time round.

E now has her bedtime routine with daddy and it’s actually quite sweet that daddy is in charge of her milk at night and if she wakes during the night. It’s quite nice for me in a sense as usually it would’ve been me waking up every four hours to breastfeed her whilst daddy is fast asleep and none the wiser of how many times she even wakes at night. Now, he’s taken full responsibility of her milk time. It will make things a lot easier when bubba2 is here too, as I know most of my attention will be on him/her.

So that’s the update, E is officially not breastfed anymore. Sad times, but also progress in her upbringing. Can’t complain to that really. Eventually it would’ve come to an end and I’m glad we had our 16 months of breastfeeding moments together. Moments that I will always cherish.

How long did it take you to completely stop breastfeeding? Or are you contemplating a plan of action as to how you can stop? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to read some of your ideas.

Mama T


  1. Great for you that this method seems to have worked T but as a trained breastfeeding peer supporter I just wanted to mention that your doctor was 100% wrong and contradicting current research in advising you to stop breastfeeding when becoming pregnant. It’s actually something they could get in quite a lot of trouble for. Our bodies are very clever and new baby wouldn’t suffer at all if you were continuing to breastfeed but I appreciate if no longer working for you and Ella! Some doctors are so clueless! Congratulations on #2!

    • Oh dear. Thanks for the heads up on that one. E was 16 months old at the time and beginning to comfort suck at night rather than actually drinking breast milk, so it was time really for us to stop breastfeeding before it got even more complicated with a larger tummy. Although you are right about our bodies being clever there were also other reasons (that I don’t want to/didn’t mention) as to why my doctor suggested to stop breastfeeding sooner rather than later. I must admit, it was an emotional time when we stopped, but when I look at it now, it was the right thing for us all as a family. E is a healthy, strong and happy toddler who now loves cuddles and kisses and I just can’t get enough of them. x

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