Oh Christmas Tree

Today we put our Christmas tree up. I’ve been so excited to put it up. I was ready to go on December 1st but we couldn’t find it!!! The hubby looked for it everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. 

I distinctly remembered where I had stored it but the hubby couldn’t find it where I asked him to look. Neither could my mother in law when she looked too. I also remembered packing the lights and decorations together in a storage box and where I put that box too, but again the hubby couldn’t find that either.

We almost bought a new tree, decorations and lights last night. Actually, we did end up buying some decorations! This morning when I woke up, it was bothering me that we couldn’t find our Christmas tree and decorations from last year. I KNOW I wouldn’t have thrown it out.

Off I went emptying the entire storage cupboard where I knew I’d stored it away in and finally…. there it was… right at the back!!! I FOUND THE TREE!!! I was so happy to see this little red box that our 4ft tree was packed in. Now I had to find the decorations.

Out to the shed! Armed with my iPhone torch light, I lifted the boxes and not to my surprise…. I FOUND THE DECORATIONS!!! Lights and baubles neatly packed together as I remembered! (Right where I said they would be! *rolls eyes*)

We were finally able to put the tree up and decorate it. Ella was so excited patiently waiting all day for daddy to come home so we could decorate the tree. It’s such a fun family activity to do together and I love it. Myles was comfortably chilling and watching us with grandma while my sis-in-law was helping with tree decorating too. Now that Ella is a little bigger it’s really enjoyable for me to watch her hang the baubles, oh so cute. She kept wanting to hang them on the highest branch so I would lift her to hang them as she couldn’t reach them on her own. 🙄

It’s her third Christmas and Myles’ first. As much as I don’t want them to grow up too fast, I can’t wait until we have Christmases where we can make our own decorations together. 😇 

Have you got your tree up yet?


Mama T

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