One Month Old Today

M is now one month old today and the time has just flown by. I picked him up one morning for his 4am feed and couldn’t believe how big he’s gotten. It just hit me like “woah you’re heavy…. and long!!” 😳 He just about fits into his 0-3 month baby-grows. He has long legs and big feet and they’re almost stretched to the max in his baby-grows.

The last week and a half, has been really tough! E all of a sudden has been difficult to put to sleep. She’s so excited when her brother is in the room and all she wants to do is lay down next to him, play with him or give him kisses and cuddles and she doesn’t care if he’s asleep or awake LOL.

M also hasn’t been an angel baby at night either. He started off being so easy and now I’ve noticed that he’s been grunting and moaning a lot during the night, but he’s actually asleep. I wake up from his grunts thinking he’s choking or posseting but when I go to check him, he’s asleep. It’s gotten louder since when I first noticed it.

I tried giving him reflux drops before some of his feeds which helped a little but, I just stopped after a few tries as there wasn’t a big enough improvement so I didn’t bother with it. I burp him during and after his feeds, keep him upright for 10-15 minutes before I put him down in his cot which has a reflux pillow that keeps him at an angle to help with the posseting, but it still doesn’t stop his grunting.

I always knew things would change as they got bigger/older but I was really hoping it wouldn’t have been so soon. You take the good with the bad and once this phase is over, it’ll be all good again. Sleep deprivation is the worst! M is such a hungry baby wanting milk every 1-1.5hours. I’m glad I have enough milk to fulfil his appetite but I could do with some extra sleep at night.

As E sleeps with us in our bed, I can’t breastfeed M lying down for the extra snooze. So I’ve just had to deal with the lack of sleep these last few weeks.

My babies are getting big so quickly and I just want them to stop so I can enjoy how small they are a little bit longer.

Things can only get better, I just have to wait it out. #PositiveVibes

Mama T

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