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It’s been just over 2 weeks since we moved into our new home. We lived in a three bedroom flat in west London for the first three years of our married life which was once my childhood home with my family. My parents decided that they wanted to sell the property, which meant we needed to move out. Trying to move while 7 months pregnant with an almost “terrible two” year old toddler was near impossible. BUT, it still got done nonetheless. 👍🏽

I’ve lived in our flat ever since I was two and have had some pretty awesome memories made there. From my entire childhood to college years then sharing the place with some of my besties and then with my very own family. I don’t know how my parents did it all those years with me and my brother and those awful never ending stairs. We didn’t have lifts in the block and the struggle getting up the stairs with E and buba2 in the tummy was beginning to take its toll.

I was full of mixed emotions the last week as we neared our completion date. I was sad to leave as I’ve had some great times there, but I was also happy to go as we’re one step closer to buying our new family home. We’ll be temporarily living with my parents in-law until it’s the right time for us to buy our new home.

The hubby was killing himself trying to do up his parents place, repainting, new furniture and new flooring all to make it more comfortable and homey for all of us. I thought it was super sweet, but felt a bit helpless as I couldn’t help with much during the updates. We’ve had some amazing family take time out to come and help us with this gigantic task of having it all done within our last week. (Couldn’t have done it without you guys x).

Our room at my mother in laws is the master bedroom on the top floor with our own ensuite bathroom. We have VELUX windows which let in so much light so our room is lovely and bright. We went with a light mocha coloured carpet which has a luxuriously thick pile and I’m sure E would enjoy rolling around on it (which she absolutely does now that we’re here).

Everything came together nicely. My parents were happy to have sold their property and although it’s an end of an era from “Grove”, I’m looking forward to our next chapter as a family in our new home. Our current room reminds us of an airbnb apartment we’d probably have rented if we were on holiday. It’s a lovely feeling coming home every day to somewhere that makes us feel like we’re on holiday.

E has so much space to run around and be mischievous. It’s also nice to have help from family while we’re living here the further along I get with the pregnancy. E gets to spend time with her grandparents everyday, which is excellent for her language lessons in speaking Cantonese and Vietnamese and having that special bond with them. She’s such a chatter box and can now count 1-10 (with some help) in English, Thai and Cantonese.

We’ve now settled in completely with everything we need unpacked and everything that we don’t need stored away. Having the pressures of packing things up for the move was one thing, but then to unpack everything as quickly as possible was a different story. I couldn’t leave all the boxes out everywhere with a curious toddler trying to climb or unpack the boxes herself. It just wasn’t a safe environment for her. Trying to find a place for all our stuff (especially mine as I had to pack up 30 years of stuff from our flat) was extremely tricky but we got there in the end.

We’ve now got our groove in our new home and it has finally sunk in that this is real and our old flat is gone. We’re settled and now looking forward to the next chapter and introducing buba2 to the world in 2 months time.

Mama T

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