Party Mama…. Not

Yesterday I attended a friends hen-do in central London. Leading up to the event, I was actually quite excited. Being able to go out with the girls for some fun and banter that I’d been missing was a real treat. Before E, I would say I was quite the party goer. Drinking almost every weekend, getting home wasted and looking back at the nights embarrassing photos and videos found on my phone the following day. Ahhh, those were the days.

I used to have so much fun giggling the night away at drunken jokes with the girls. I really can’t say I didn’t live my youth well. I’m not saying I’m old, but I am saying I’ve matured for sure. Looking back at all the good times I had in my teens and twenties, I can definitely say, “I ain’t about that life no more.”

After I gave birth to E, I’d see my friends social media sites full of pics and videos of them out together, drinking, dancing, acting a fool and I really did feel like I was missing out. The invites to go out began to decrease and it was only a matter of time that there wasn’t an invite there to even decline. Then as my family life began to develop over the months, I realised I wasn’t missing out on anything at all. I was right where I needed to be. A new mama at home, enjoying the next chapter of her life with her husband and baby.

Last nights giggles was nice, really nice, but for most of the night I really just wanted to go home and cuddle up with E. She was poorly too which made my feelings a little bit more complicated. On one hand I wanted to be a good friend and show up for the hen do whilst having some me time with the girls. On the other hand, I really missed E and wanted to get home to comfort her.

By 11pm I felt like I’d had enough of the night, my feet were hurting and E’s midnight feed was coming up. Back in the day 11pm I was still getting ready to go out having pre-drinks at home. My my how times have changed LOL. The few hours I was with the girls, I enjoyed all the giggles we shared and felt all warm and fuzzy knowing that things hadn’t changed between us. Although we hadn’t seen each other in a while, we still got each other. We still supported each other in our new life adventures. Most importantly, you could still feel the love between us as friends.

I created a “Bride To Be” gift collection to give to the bride on her hen night which included beauty essentials for her big day. She’s the kind of bride that doesn’t usually wear make up and probably didn’t think about the smaller things to complete her bridal look. So I collected a few beauty essentials every bride should have prepared for her big day.

Her gift collection included;

  1. Face mask – to keep herself radiant for the big day
  2. Eyebrow stencil kit – to ensure her eyebrows are on fleek
  3. Eyelashes – to give her the extra oomph in her photos
  4. Nail polish – to ensure her nails sparkle as much as her dress
  5. Matte Lippie – to keep her smile going with a long lasting colour

If you’re stuck for time to organise a congratulatory gift for a bride-to-be, get in contact and tell me about your bride. I can get her gift collection sorted and delivered directly to your bride-to-be. Enquire now.

Need a gift for a different occasion? View my gift collections here.

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