Poor Baby

So the last week E has been poorly. One day she was her normal happy chirpy self, but by night time she’d developed a temperature. No idea where it came from.

For three days straight she had a raised temperature. On one of the days it was up to 38.2 degrees. (FYI 36 is normal, 38+ is a fever). As advised on the calpol bottle, I only gave her the medicine for 3 days. She had a raised temperature over the weekend so we were really hoping she wouldn’t get worse that we’d have to make a trip to a&e.

On Sunday she’d reached her highest temperature of 38.2 in the morning, but 10 minutes after her first dose of calpol that morning, her temperature dropped. The whole time her temperature was raised she was STILL her chirpy self. Only sign of illness from her was her loss of appetite. Back to the breast she went for the three days.

On Monday it was as if she hadn’t been ill at all. I did begin to get quite worried about how hot she was getting but as if by magic her temperature was gone by Sunday night. She all of a sudden was completely back to normal. Hoorah…. minus the appetite still. We’ve made real progress with solid food that during this time of her feeling poorly, it’s bought back that frustration I had when we first started weaning. The things I now know she likes and doesn’t say no to, she wouldn’t eat. I was really loosing it inside but my husband assured me it was just because she was poorly and kept me from pulling my hair out again LOL.

Next up, she had the runs!!! Oh oh oh! She somehow managed to let one go which exploded onto the sofa. *Covers face* So glad I cover my sofa with a throw. This was exactly the reason why! Gave it a quick hand wash and popped it straight into the washing machines. The throw was back on the sofa nice and clean in no time.

The Strangest part was that she didn’t have a tummy ache at all the whole time she had the runs. She would just sit there and you’d just hear let one out. She wasn’t whiney at all. It of course made my husband and I think hard about how she had the runs. We didn’t change her diet, how we cooked her meals or how we stored/defrosted/warmed her milk the days I were at work. No clue again where it came from. Tuesday evening, her runny poos were done. She was again back to normal. Or so I thought. It seems as though I’ve been “siked” twice now.

Wednesday morning…. she’s now developed a rash all over her stomach, back and slightly on her face. But once again, she’s not irritated by it. I mean, I’m not complaining she’s not irritated because I’d rather her be happy chirpy all the time which generally she is. I just find it strange that none of the above seem to have irritated her much in anyway. It’s great really.

So turns out the rash was “Roseola“. My sister-in-law mentioned to my husband that E’s symptoms were like her sons. After doing a bit of reading about the mild condition, it now all makes complete sense. Now that it has run its course, let’s hope my little chick is back to normal soon, especially with her solids…. please!!!

Mama T

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