Potty Training

Last week, Ella did her first weewee on the big toilet with encouragement from her Peppa Pig toilet seat. But since then, we haven’t had the time (or energy) to try again.

I want to have a solid 2 weeks with no busy schedule distractions to start potty training her again.

I feel like we take a step back whenever we get progress. She’s at the stage where she will tell me when she’s done her business in her nappy which is a good indicator that she may be ready to potty train properly and be rid of her nappies soon.

I’m still so scared of getting wee and poo all over the floor but I know it’s inevitable. We have a potty and a toilet seat. At the moment, I let her sit on the toilet seat in the morning before her nappy change in case she does another wee on there. I’m hoping that it can become her routine to wee on the big toilet every morning but so far she’s accomplished 1 wee on the big toilet hahaha.

Any advice from parents who’ve done it before would be great! (And thanks!)

More on her progress soon when we start potty training again.

Stay tuned….

Mama T

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