Props To Daddy

This post is dedicated to my darling husband and all the other daddy’s out there. It sounds so cliche and lovey dovey soppy already doesn’t it LOL. I promise you, there is good reason for it.

There is a huge community of mothers who  automatically joined a “mama’s club” where we promote no judgement, encourage each other and praise our abilibities to raise wonderful children, but I feel like there’s not much praise that goes out to dads.

People always tend to ask mums about the upbringing of their children “how are they sleeping?” “Are they eating well?” “Can they walk/talk yet?” These are just some of the questions that seem to always get directed to me even with my husband present. Naturally I just answer.

But today, I realised how little recognition my husband gets for the upbringing of our daughter. It probably doesn’t bother him too much, but I thought it’s a subject that most fathers would probably come across.

He works from morning til evening (out before 8am and home by 7:30pm) so yes E spends most of her day alone with me. But now that I’m back to work also, she spends her evenings with daddy. She has dinner, play, bath, reading, milk and bed time with her daddy five nights a week while I’m at work, but no one praises or recognises that daddy does it on his own too.

He has a full day of work providing for us then comes home to being a loving, caring and silly daddy even though he only has 5/6 hours of sleep every night (if he’s lucky). He praises me everyday on how smart and developed our daughter is, but he fails to see how much she learns from him too.

There’s no such thing as dads babysitting. He’s not babysitting, he’s parenting and he should know how much we appreciate him and how much his daddy daughter time influences the upbringing of our perfect little girl. x

This is for all the fathers out there, dealing with emotional mama’s is hard enough, and not getting recognition for the amazing children you’re raising is awful. You’re doing a superb job. Cheers to you.

Mama T

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