Sleep Regression

Myles is going through his 4 month sleep regression at the same time as Ella’s 2 year old sleep regression. (Sleep regression: when a baby/toddler who’s been sleeping well, suddenly starts waking more often and/or starts skipping naps.)

Both Ella and Myles gave mummy and daddy a rough night last night. From Myles waking up every hour to Ella waking up at 2am-6:45am, between me and the hubby, we didn’t get much sleep at all.

Today I’m so tired and to top it off, I’ve done something to my back and it currently feels like it’s twisted. 😤

I know this sleep regression for both of our babies is only temporary (Ella’s will last longer though 😩), it is another milestone that our children are going through.

Myles most definitely is going through his growth spurt and has developed so much with other things. He’s trying to sit up already and he definitely knows who mummy and daddy are. Ella has so many changes happening with her too. We’re still potty training when we’re home and she’s talking so much more now. Yesterday and today, she’s also dropped her nap again. 😩

I’m trying to stay positive, but my mind is completely frazzled from the last 2 nights of sleep deprivation. With Christmas around the corner, I can’t wait to have relatives round to keep Ella and Myles entertained while I sneak off for a cheeky nap. Roll on Christmas!

Mama T

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