E is now 10.5 months old and she’s really enjoying solids now…. finally. It was a real struggle in the beginning. Literally, I wanted to cry with frustration trying to feed her solids. She would almost glue her mouth shut everytime I tried to feed her with a spoon. If daddy fed her, or anyone else for that matter, she would open wide and eat. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that are still hit or miss but we have definitely improved.

I remember the first time she finished her meal that I fed her, I almost cried with happiness. She loves fruit and really enjoys self feeding too. I don’t really like mess so I only let her self feed with foods that are quite easy to clean up.

Her favourite is cauliflower cheese with broccoli and breadcrumbs. For her snack/dessert she really loves eating bananas.

It took us a long while to get to where we are now with solids. In the beginning I would make her meals in batches and freeze her food in ice cube trays so it was easy to just defrost the right amount for her meals. I then realised, she actually prefers freshly cooked meals.

I find breakfasts a bit difficult still. It may be because E wakes up late? But also varying her breakfast recipes are difficult too. She doesn’t like baby cereal, scrambled eggs or even pancakes. All I know that she seems to enjoy is toast with butter or fresh fruit. She loves self feeding with the toast. I cut it up into squares and let her feed herself. I really want to try to have her eat something other than toast or fruit for her breakfast meals but not sure what else is a good recipe idea for breakfast.

For her snacks she has biscotti biscuits, rice crackers, fruit, corn puffs or boiled carrot sticks. I’m going to start introducing cheese as a snack for her soon. I know she already enjoys cheese as she’s had some baby bell already without rejecting it…. in other words, she doesn’t spit it out. 😂

She drinks loads of water too. I offer water to her throughout the day. She uses many different beakers throughout the day. She uses a free flow beaker for her meal times and a no spill drinking cup at other times.  (Basically means she has to suck the water to have a drink otherwise it doesn’t come out.) Why I hear you ask… Well, if she grabs a hold of her free flow beaker, she literally wets the entire room with water and she thinks it’s funny. So during meal times we control when she’s allowed to hold it herself, thus controlling the amount of water spilled everywhere. With her no spill beaker, she can grab that at anytime without spilling water everywhere if she feels thirsty and I haven’t offered her water yet.

I haven’t introduced any juices or dilute yet and I don’t think I will for a little while longer. She’s happy just to have water and I’m a firm believer of “you don’t miss what you don’t know” so we as parents in general, are quite careful with what we introduce to E.

The days I’m working in the evenings, she’s starting to have her pre bedtime milk from her free flow beaker too.

How’s your little ones with solid food? Do you have any breakfast recipes that I could try with E?

Mama T


  1. Hey Tan!
    Sounds like E is very similar to our M. She also didn’t take to food until around 8/9 months old (ironically when we were in Thailand so who could blame her! I spent a small fortune on steaming and freezing lots of organic combos but she would not let me spoon feed her anything! We later began an adventure with baby lead weaning which was so much fun for us both (although admittedly quite messy!)

    Fave recipes/breakfast for us (generally put in little piles on high chair tray rather than bowls or spoons so she could benefit from the textures in her fingers too):

    – Scrambled eggs (once I learnt how to make in the microwave this was a game changer!)
    – Natural Greek yoghurt with cut fruit (yoghurt sticks to the fruit so can be picked up – blueberries and strawberries a favorite)
    – Hard boiled egg (I would offer the egg white with toast fingers then mash the yolk with banana to make a high protein custard).
    – after a good night’s sleep (for me!) I’d make her a tiny omelette with cheese and ham and veggies

    When a bit bigger she loves boiled rice porridge with flaked grilled fish (seasoned with lemon juice to avoid salt). I found some frozen chopped spinach cubes in Asda that I’d defrost and throw in there too. Another favourite that I could freeze and then bake was fish pie (my god this girl loved fish pie!!). You can mix it up with different mashed root veg on top too.

    Enjoy weaning, embrace the mess when you feel up to it. It’s been the most exciting stage for us so far!

    Good luck! Xx

    • Oh my gosh yes fish pie!!!! I’m so going to try that. She does do self feeding too at breakfast with toast. Or with some snacks like biscotti biscuits, fruit or cheese. We tried scramble/boiled egg for breakie but she really just doesn’t take to anything but toast *smh*

      We’ll defo just keep trying new things. She is a cheese lover for sure and fruits, especially water melon and banana.

      Thanks for your comment, at least there’s someone out there that feels the same as me. x

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