Star Chart

Today I made Ella her first star chart. Over the last few weeks her personality and speech development has changed massively.

I found myself having an almost full on conversation with her. She amazes me everyday with some of the things she says. I didn’t know she knew how to say it but she just comes out and says things or shows me how much she understands things and it is quite mind boggling.

We were playing with her puzzle where she has to put the alphabet letters, numbers, animals and shapes in the correct place. I ask her “what number is this?” Before letting her find its place on the puzzle board. The astonishing thing is she replied with the correct number! At first I thought it might have been a fluke, but she did it on quite a few occasions that now I’ve realised she actually knows the numbers.

Although I spend most days repeating myself with the alphabet, counting, reading the same books or singing the same songs, she’s obviously picked things up. She knew some of the animals from the animal puzzle without me even telling her what they were… 😳

English is her strongest language, but I still teach her Thai when I can and the hubbys parents speak Cantonese and sometimes Vietnamese to her too. My parents only speak Thai to her, no English. We randomly now count 1-10 in French and Spanish. It all depends on how long I can keep her attention for.

I was once asked “wow don’t you think that’s a bit much?” My response “hell no! The more the merrier! She’s picking it all up.” 

She likes to help me around the house which is great as she enjoys it but there are somethings she doesn’t like doing and sometimes negotiates or puts up a fight with. So the star chart is based on some of the things she negotiated about and some of the things we want her to do without being told to.

She says please and thank you but sometimes we have to remind her, which she does straight away. Some nights she goes to bed without negotiations, but most nights there has to be a 5 minute negotiation before she nods off. 🤷🏽‍♀️

We stopped potty training but now she uses the big toilet every morning before brushing her teeth. She’s starting to tell me when she needs the loo if she doesn’t have a nappy on, so we might go back to “toilet training” soon. I think she prefers the big toilet to a potty.

Making a star chart based on Ella’s own personal development means we can keep an eye on things that she may not completely understand yet and help her develop in areas that she may be struggling with. It was really easy and inexpensive to do. The stars cost £1 from Sainsbury’s and I made the chart using excel and some pics I found off the internet. I printed it into coloured card which she picked from my paper draw and that was it.

She was so excited to earn herself some stars. When she reaches 10 at any time, she will get to have a treat. Not sure what her treat will be yet. 

Do you have any star charts at home? Are they working for what you want them to do? I’d love to hear about your treat ideas.

Mama T

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