Talking Toddler

E has always been a little chatter box ever since she started saying single words. She would continuously repeat the same word over and over again. (You wouldn’t believe how many times in a day she could say “daddy”…. it would drive me up the wall as she was with mummy all day but saying “daddy…. daddy… daddy…” all day long, until she learnt other words. šŸ˜‚)

Now that she has such a vast vocabulary, she has moments when she doesn’t stop chattering away. Even when no one is talking to her LOL.

As you know, she hears three languages everyday so we knew she may take a while longer than other toddlers to actually start talking properly. Well, she’s not even two yet and she is already constructing sentences.

When people say “terrible twos” it does sound scary. Especially when we will have a new born as well when E is actually two years old. But we’ve translated that saying and understand they aren’t actually terrible when they’re two. They just can’t speak clearly enough to explain what they’re feeling or what they would like, to make them less whiney.

E has moments when she whines for things she wants but we teach her to explain what she’s feeling/wants. She copies our sentences word for word and she has now said 2 whole sentences without help. The hubby and I were in complete shock! Her sentences were (at different times) “Daddy, can I watch Peppa please?” And “Can I have more milk please?”.

She hasn’t said the sentences again, but at 21 months, to be able to say more than 1 word at a time to explain what she’d like/wants is a big milestone for sure. Sometimes she starts sentences on her own but doesn’t get the ending part quite right yet. For instance, she has said “my name is milk”. šŸ˜‚ Or “Mummy, aeroplane outside please”.

We’ll keep doing what we’re doing and help her to construct her sentences when she’s being whiney. Soon enough, she will be talking nonstop…. I can see it happening already.

Mama T

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