Teething (again)

Last week, E’s 6th tooth came through and breastfeeding become so uncomfortable taking me back to how I felt when she was first born and I didn’t know what I was doing. Not only was E wanting to nurse more for comfort, she would occasionally bite as well. 😱 It bought back memories of dreading the milk feeds. But of course, this time from experience, I knew it was temporary. (I love how I can say “from experience” now LOL.)

I’ve been trying to establish that nursing is for morning milk time and bedtime only, trying to avoid any afternoon nursing as she’s now established with solid food and I really don’t want to mess that up. But it seems because she was teething, she’s almost going backwards. I absolutely don’t mind nursing her if she feels ill or needs a little extra comfort, but her tooth has completely come through but yet she still wants to be nursed for hours. 😬 

She now has 6 teeth, when she’s nursing and about to dose off, she slowly slips away from the nipple, in my head I’m screaming with excitement in my head “yesssss!” Then she realises she’s slipping away and quickly clutches back on with her TEETH! Ouchhhiieeee!!! 😫

She’s back to her normal routine with milk in the morning and before bed which is a relief knowing that we aren’t going backwards, it was just a phase. Phew! She still occasionally bites, but I just say  “no biting” in a firm tone before I unlatch her. 

Did your toddler bite? Any tips on helping to ease the soreness?

Mama T

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